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Scanned Academic Chemistry Handouts
A. Chem Chapter 10 Reveiw Worksheets
Scanned Academic Chemistry Handouts

Scanned Academic Chemistry Handouts

Academic Chemistry Review Problems Chapter 10


Mole Conversions and Limiting Reactants:


1)      If 1.00 mole of copper reacts with 1.50 moles of sulfur, how many moles of copper (I) sulfide are produced?








2)      If 25.0 g of manganese (IV) oxide reacts with 25.0 g aluminum, what mass of manganese is produced?








3)      If 3.00 L of sulfur dioxide gas react with 4.50 L of oxygen gas, what is the volume of sulfur trioxide gas produced (assume constant conditions)?










Percent Yield:


4)      Calculate the percent yield for each of the following situations:

a.      Actual yield: 4.62 g; theoretical yield: 5.02 g



b.      Actual yield 9.31 g; Theoretical yield: 10.67g



c.      Actual yield 6.9 x 105 kg; theoretical yield: 8.2 x 10 kg6




5)      A chemist burns 160. g of aluminum solid in excess air to produce 260. g of solid aluminum oxide.  Calculate the theoretical yield and the percent yield.









6)      If 5.45 g of solid potassium chlorate are decomposed to form solid potassium chloride and 1.95 g of oxygen gas, what is the theoretical yield and percent yield of oxygen?









7)      When 14.97 g of iron metal react with chlorine gas, 42.47 g of product are formed.  Calculate the theoretical yield and the percent yield.