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Scanned Academic Chemistry Handouts
A. Chem Review Chapter 8
Scanned Academic Chemistry Handouts

Scanned Academic Chemistry Handouts

Chemistry Review Chapter 8


Terms to know:

-         Physical change

-         Chemical change

-         Indicator

-         Precipitate

-         Aqueous solution

-         Exothermic

-         Endothermic

-         Chemical equation

-         Reactant

-         Product

-         Diatomic molecule

-         Coefficient

-         Subscript

-         Balancing by inspection

-         Combination reaction

-         Decomposition reaction

-         Double replacement reaction

-         Single replacement reaction

-         Neutralization reaction

-         Metal oxide

-         Nonmetal oxide

-         Ionic compound

-         Metal Hydrogen carbonate

-         Metal carbonate

-         Activity series

-         Active metals

-         Acid

-         Base


Concepts to know:

-         Be able to recognize the four evidences that a chemical reaction has occurred

-         Know the symbols for solid, gas, liquid, aqueous solution, and precipitate

-         Know they symbol for yields, yields with heat, yields with a catalyst

-         Know the generalized formulas for the different reaction types

-         Understand how to use the reactivity series, it will be given to you

-         Know which metals are active metals and which are not, that will not be given to you

-         Know how active metals react with water

-         Know how metal hydrogen carbonate, a metal carbonate, and an oxygen containing compound decompose

-         Know how a metal and a non metal react with oxygen gas (combination)

-         Know how a nonmetal and a metal react (combination)

-         Know how a metal reacts with an aqueous solution and with an aqueous acid

-         Understand how to predict if a precipitate will be formed in a double replacement

-         Understand how to predict the products of a neutralization reaction